Details demonstrating care.

We at PH FIT believe that a detail on ribbon can demonstrate care of a choice, the zeal of a preparation, the value of a tribute.

On the gift that you delivery, on the flowers that you send, on the table that decorates, on the prize awarded , the ribbons is the element that makes all the difference between common and special , between the generic and unique.

Our products are available in thousands of retail outlets all over the country and accessible to consumers from various social classes. Taking beauty, enchantment and excitement to the special moments of the life.

Brands and Products

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Brand leader in rigid ribbons in Brazil. Over 80 years of tradition in the market. Distributed in thousands of points of sale all over the country, is available in various materials, sizes, colors, finishes and packaging.


Patented system to make bows manually. It is ideal for crafts, decoration, gifts and crafts with satin ribbons, grosgrain, velvet and decorative, wired or not. Facilitates and streamlines the manual work, ensures quality of the final product and standardization of reproductions.


Ribbons collections aligned with intimate apparel trends, creating perfect harmonies with fabrics, elastic and other materials used in the lingerie manufacture.


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