A detail changes everything.


We at PH FIT believe that the best of life is in the details. At that, we are masters. Masters on details. Our business is the distinctive feature, the final touch, the outstanding results. Our work helps people and companies make their works and special products to become outstanding, charming, and unforgettable. Our details turn the ordinary into special. They reveal care, zeal, attention, the search for perfection.

Caring for details, we dedicate kindness and time, we show respect and concern for our customers and consumers.

Decades of dedication to details.

PH FIT – Fitas e Inovações Têxteis Ltda. has the tradition of decades dedicated to details.

With over 80 years of history PH FIT is the absolute leader in Brazil’s rigid textile ribbons marketplace. The company employs nowadays a staff of more than 500 people, and among them some of the top industry experts. It has an industrial plant that brings together the most advanced technical resources available worldwide along with exclusive technologies and foreign trade operations, which connect with the largest producers and consumers centers of the planet.

Launching regular collections aligned with fashion trends, design and retail, PH FIT offers a wide range of textile products, including ribbons, bows and many other complementary items used in handicraft, gift packaging, flower arranging, clothing and accessory customization, decoration and technical products and a wide range of applications that do not stop increasing.

Our structure allows us to attend each market segment with high expertise and customized services, therefore PH FIT can operate with different business units with independent teams and procedures, perfectly adapted to the demands of each market and even to every customer.

Business Units

PH FIT – Consumer Unit

To provide the best service to retailers, wholesalers, accessories and trimmings stores, florists and stationery stores, PH FIT has a specific business unit capable of meeting the demands of each point of sale with agility and flexibility.

Through a specialized representative network, PH FIT provides services all over Brazil, offering its complete product lines and providing advisory support regarding to grid of colors, widths, display and selling techniques of our grid mix.

In addition, PH FIT supplies technical and market knowledge to retailers and wholesalers all over the country during the most important trade fairs.

PH FIT – Corporate Unit

We offer a service team with deep technical knowledge of production and product performance, always able to recommend from PH FIT´s portfolio the most appropriate item for each application.

This unit is also prepared to meet, with agility, the requests for customization or development of unique items, based on application specifications and structure, special colors, cuts, tips, printing and different finishing and assembling.

PH FIT – Design Assist

With expert consultants, sophisticated production and logistics systems, and its own creation team, PH FIT does much more than just providing inputs for packaging. PH FIT offers highly exclusive services to the customer brands.

Manifest Video

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission
Provide innovative solutions that delight our customers and meet the expectations of its stakeholders and employees.

Our Vision
To be a competitive world class company recognized by the market as the best, most reliable and innovative in providing solutions in the sectors in which it operates.

Our Values
Customer Focus; Constant innovation; Competence with commitment; Continuous pursuit of knowledge; Teamwork; Best management practices; Meritocracy; Transparency and fairness in relationships; Commitment to sustainability; Emphasis on results.

Work with Us

More than prepared and competent professionals, we are looking for people who value detail that believe in the power of a well done work and have pleasure to collaborate for the success of our customers. To submit your resume in our database is very simple, fill out the form below and attach your resume.